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Mediumship, channeling and healing

Session topics

A lot is possible! Here are a few examples:

  • Heart healing; healing from emotional injuries and disappointments, removing walls around the heart, help with fear of loss, comfort in grief, opening the heart to love/life/a relationship

  • Potential reading; reading of your strengths spiritually and in this world

  • Health; healing for the energetic, mental, emotional and physical bodies

  • Trauma healing; healing without having to talk about it, I only give the necessary/relevant information and only as much as is requested

  • Pregnancy & birth; energetic preparation and advice

  • clairvoyance; Advice on dealing with your own perceptions

  • Relationships; discussion and clarification on a higher level of consciousness

  • Ancestors; Healing in the ancestral line, resolving ancestral issues and family conflicts, integrating ancestral potentials

  • Children; understanding behavior, intuition of children. NDER

Praxis zur Meise, Baden

Difference between physical session and telephone session


The effect is the same whether we meet physically in my practice in Baden or whether we talk on the phone (optionally via video).  

It's nice to meet and see each other and get to know each other this way.


On the other hand, the telephone session saves you the trip and you can reflect on the conversation afterwards without having to get in the car or the train.


So I let you decide.

Prepare for the meeting:

Maybe you can already sense the spiritual world in advance, helping you prepare for our session together.


The topics for the meeting:

At the beginning of the session I will ask you what you would like to look at.


I know from my own experience that it is sometimes difficult to put your own (inner) issues into words. So don't worry! You don't have to ask clear questions, or even necessarily formulate clear sentences.

It's about you laying the foundation for our session with your energy and I'd like to hear you talk a little about that.


Since you are setting the direction for our session, you can also tell me about which area of your life you would like to receive channeling information and healing for: relationships, career, living situation, money, health, spiritual development, etc.


Maybe you write down your thoughts in advance, or you start talking intuitively and let yourself be surprised by what comes out of your mouth!


Preparing your energy field:

To prepare your energy field for our session, I recommend you listen to one of my healing meditations. Listen now!

For the highest and best good

Every individual session is always for the highest and best good of all. You are the focus of the individual session, the healing can also have an impact on those around you. But it is all for the highest and best good and nothing is manipulated.

The exact future or the outcome of the session cannot be predicted. The healing is to be understood as an offer and you decide at any time what you want to accept and what you don't. The intention and the message conveyed by the sentences I have formulated are what counts, not the exact wording.

Absolutely nothing can happen that is not for your benefit and that of those around you.

Price and duration

A session lasts 60 to 90 minutes and costs CHF 200.--


There is no promise of healing. I am not a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychotherapist and I do not make diagnoses. My sessions are for self-healing.

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