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Some people consciously remember having been a witch in a previous life.

Were you a witch?

What are we in this life?

Aren't we still witches in our hearts?


Some of the witches of that time work in this life as healers, mediums, shamans or similar. Many witches use a socially accepted therapy method, teach yoga or meditation. Others of us have a seemingly ordinary or let's call it a mundane job and thus bring our light into the business world.

My spirit team took me on a journey into the past to show me more about all of our witch karma. Here I share the story they showed me:

Pentagramm, Foto von Alexandra Seraphina, Wald Lägern Baden

In my mind's eye I see myself in a previous life standing in a wide field in the canton of Aargau. It looks as if the whole village has come together here. A witch friend of mine is being burned in a large fire. She screams. I whisper a prayer so that she can be released from her pain. Then it becomes very quiet. Her soul has left us.

Someone grabs my hand. It is the hand of a very wise witch. She says to me: “This happened Alexandra, this is our past.”

I look at her and answer: "Yes, I know that happened, but it didn't happen to me. I remember hiding in the forest at that time.

It’s not my personal karma.”

The witch doesn't like what I'm saying and she answers in a clear voice: "If you say it didn't happen to you, then that's as if you were claiming it didn't happen at all. It doesn't matter whether you experienced it on your own body. It is the karma of the witches, our karma, and therefore yours too." Then she asks me: "Repeat after me: I know what it feels like to be burned in fire as a witch." I follow her instructions and repeat the sentence three times: "I know what it feels like to be burned in fire as a witch. I know what it's like to be burned in fire as a witch. I know what it's like to be burned as a witch." I feel that just acknowledging this fact does something to me.


Suddenly a man at the fire turns around and points at us: "WITCHES!!!!!" he calls out loudly across the field. More and more people turn around at the fire and immediately start walking towards us in big steps. They keep calling out: "THERE, WITCHES!" I freeze in fear. There is no place where I can hide. I have always felt uncomfortable in wide fields without trees and now I see why.

Again, someone grabs my hand. This time it is a friend from my current life from 2019. With her, more people show up to support me, revealing themselves to be witches.


Just before the people from the village can reach us, an invisible protective wall suddenly appears in front of us. We can now watch the people banging against the invisible wall, but we cannot hear them and they cannot harm us.


One of my witch friends who appeared says in a firm voice:


“We must fight,” and she receives applause from the other witches.

Pentagramm, Foto von Alexandra Seraphina, Wald Lägern Baden

Anger and sadness flow through my whole body. I am hurt and disappointed. Why did these people burn my witch friend? What have they done with my past? What have they done with my karma? For a moment I want to fight too. But the wise witch calms me down and says:


"Alexandra, look at these people and feel into your heart." So I look at the villagers banging on the invisible wall and realize:


They don't understand. They don't know any better. All they have is fear. I feel compassion for them. I feel forgiveness. I feel love. "What do we do then?" I ask.

The wise witch turns to all of us and says: "Now we will disappear for a few years and hide in the forest until they forget. Then we will come back and mingle with the people. We will make sure that we do not attract attention but try to help people. We will heal without attracting attention and try to teach people step by step what they are ready for. We will do work where we can help people, animals or nature.

Before we can do that, we must also make ourselves forget our witchcraft. That is the only way to protect ourselves. We must also forget it so that none of us can be recognized again. But we will always be healers and the magic will always be in us, no matter what we do or whether we remember or not."

After the wise witch has finished telling her story, I see my witch friends go into the forest and come out again as nurses, gardeners, primary school teachers and so on. A normal job to mingle with people and heal inconspicuously.

Hexe, Pentagramm, Foto von Alexandra Seraphina, Wald Lägern Baden

I think I understand our karma now, but I still have a question for the wise witch:


"But what IF I remember? What about the people who know what happened and who remember our healing work? What does it mean if I remember my magic?"


The wise witch smiles: "That means you are safe now. If you remember, it means that you live in a time and place where you are safe as a witch.


Even more than that, it also means that you have learned to say the right thing to the right people at the right time and that you can find the right words to do so."

After she says that, the wise witch disappears and with her all the other people. I am standing in the field with my dog in 2019. I look out over the wide field. That actually happened in this place. That is our past.

I ask my spiritual helper team to free the place from its past and to cleanse it. I ask the nature and elemental beings to nourish the soil with new energy.


We are safe now. We can talk about it in 2019. We are witches, healers and magicians. Magic is real.


With love from heart to heart, my witch sisters and witch brothers. Thank you to everyone who speaks about this and finds the right words. Thank you to those who discreetly or increasingly noticeably bring light and healing into the world. It is needed.

If you would like support to heal possible karmic injuries from this time and/or to reactivate your powers from back then, please feel free to contact me for a one-on-one session.

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