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What helps people usually also helps animals.

I love animals and I believe that they are often our teachers. If I can find a way to connect with your animal, I'm happy to help.

You do not necessarily need to book an extra session for your animal; you are welcome to ask additional questions about your animal during an individual session for yourself.

Mein Hund Yari

I have experience with:


  • Former street dogs (healing the past / trauma)

  • Preparing animals for changes/travel/surgery etc.

  • Pain relief / healing for physical or mental ailments

  • Find out the reason for their unusual behavior

My dog Yari (left in the picture) comes from an animal shelter in Romania. It was a long healing process and to some extent still is.


Are you looking for your pet?

I'm very sorry, I know what it's like.

Write to me on the form "Send me an angel" and your loved one will receive support wherever he/she is and will be encouraged to come home. (free of charge)

Or get help from the Bundervand for Animal Communication

I do NOT offer sessions to find animals.

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