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Channel between heaven and earth.

I connect with the heart of Mama Gaia and the highest frequencies in this universe

and I channel healing and wisdom from there.


My name is Alexandra Seraphina
and this dog fox next to me is called Yari.

I like to research and observe on levels that cannot be physically experienced. 


For this I use my clairvoyance, which has been very strong since my childhood. When I think back to my energetic perceptions in my childhood, I mostly remember my experiences in the fairy world. Back then, a butterfly took me through a gate into the fairy world and there I flew on the back of a bee. 🐝


However, for a long time I did not consciously deal with my perceptions and I did not talk about them. I was very afraid of being considered crazy.  In 2012, my clairvoyance intensified and it sometimes became a burden in my everyday life. 

After the conversations with my late grandfather became more detailed, I no longer wanted and could hide these experiences. I needed to talk about it and I needed answers. That led me to yoga, numerous healing courses and to the school for mediumship. ​


Today I can consciously use my clairvoyance to read and interpret the energy fields of people, places and situations. If someone wishes, I can communicate with his/her heightened awareness in one session.  ​


To prepare my online offerings, I connect with my higher self, as well as with archangels and masters. The beings who inspire and guide me the most are Archangel Metatron, Merlin, the unicorns and the inhabitants of Sirius and the Pleiades. ​


In order to pass on the purest universal healing energy and wisdom, I connect with the center of the earth and the highest level in the universe.

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    1 hr 30 min

    200 Schweizer Franken
Alexandra Seraphina, Bern Rosengarten


Muss ich innere Bilder sehen, um mit meiner Intuition zu kommunizieren?

Wo in meinem Körper oder Energiekörper IST die Intuition?

WER ist die Intuition?

Wie zeigt sich meine Intuition?

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen meiner Intuition, meinem höheren Selbst und meinem Geistführer?

Was ist wenn ich nicht hellhörend, hellsehend, hellfühlend oder hellwissend bin? 

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